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Anti corrosive Nano Coatings for corrosion prone areas.

Our country, India has tropical wet and dry climate. This leads to almost everything exposed to high amount of Heat Rain & Dust. These elements dramatically reduce attractiveness, longevity and performance of any consumer product and increase general wear and tear. We have understood this very well and have taken this challenge to research and build products in India, for India to serve this market well

Serious causes of Environmental Corrosion

Untreated Sewage
Harsh chemicals Industrial Pollution-Hazardous gases
Saline Environment- NaCl and Humidity
River Chemical Pollution

X-5000 is a specially designed two component organic-inorganic polysiloxane based coating with nano-silica particles for better coverage in less thickness. These are most suited for application on HVAC equipment Like Chillers, VRF’s, copper piping, MS structure stands.

Some of the major projects we have successfully applied X- 5000 on :